Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PDX Marathon + brewpub adventure

So, I went to Portland this weekend to run the marathon. It was my first one, it was a lot of fun, but it also hurts like hell -- during and two days later.

More impressive than my time of 3:50:41 was the fact that I made it to seven brewpubs with the wife over the next two days. We started with Deschutes in PDX (I know, I am from Bend and went to Deschutes, lame). But, I had never been to the one in Portland, and I really wanted Black Butte XXIV. And that is exactly what I got:

Also had the fresh hop porter, which was weird and good at the same time.

Here's the rest of the brewpub hopping, and the recollections my still marathon-addled brain can come up with:
--Rogue. I had the stout that was on nitro. It was yummy.
--Bridgeport. Skipped the beer here for coffee and dessert, as I was still starving and sleepy after getting up at 5 a.m. Awesome peanut butter pie.
--Hopworks Urban Brewery. Had the ESB, which was fine, but the sample of "Give Me Liberty," a fresh hop bitter, was awesome, and I brought a growler home. 
--Double Mountain and Full Sail, Hood River. Highly recommend the Killer Red IRA at DM. And had the 25th anniversary lager at Full Sail, which is like a lager on steroids.
--Ice Axe Grill (Mount Hood Brewing). Had the multorporter ale. Which is a confusing name. It's a porter. Or at least it tasted like one. The only guy working the front of the house was slammed, so I didn't get more info. Regardless, it was good.

Truth be told, I had meant to go to Solera in Parkdale instead of Ice Axe, but for some reason I had it stuck in my head that it was in Government Camp. An adventure for another time.