Monday, May 3, 2010

Add another brewery to the list

Wow, the BBB gets a little lazy and what happens? A new brewery opens.

While the tap room is still a work in progress, Boneyard Beer Co. in Bend is up and running. I swung by for sample last week and was able to enjoy a nice porter.
The plan, says Boneyard's events coordinator Melodee Storey, is to have a tap room on site at the brewing facility on NW. Lake Place, while really focusing on getting on taps around the state. According to Storey, Boneyard will also bottle and can its beers. (Hence the old-school logo.)
Right now Boneyard is brewing the tasty porter I mentioned before, a pale ale and a hefeweizen.


  1. Hey Bill,
    Is this blog dead? I 'favorited' it when you first started it. I keep checking for updates since I really miss Bend beer- especially in Indonesia where it's like muslim and stuff and we can't even order a beer if we wanted to.
    John (Mercer)

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