Thursday, March 15, 2012

Easy game: Vote for beer in High Desert Madness

After what appears to be our third hiatus since we started this blog, I figured it's time to give it another shot. People keep following us on Twitter despite the fact that we've done absolutely nothing for four months. So, I figured we'd provide some content for those people who apparently want more information about beer in Central Oregon.

First up in our return? High Desert Madness at The Bulletin's website, which you can check out here. What is it? It's a March Madness-style bracket pick'em, in which stuff from Central Oregon goes head to head to see what thing is the best. That sounds confusing, but it's really easy when you check out the bracket.

Anyway, we're here to tell you should vote for "beer," which is a No. 1 seed. Seeing as there are approximately 5 million microbreweries in Central Oregon, this seems like it should be a walk in the park for beer. The other top seeds all have flaws. Roundabouts? The one at Reed Market and Brookswood is awful, and we really don't need another art project. Mount Bachelor? Not everyone loves snow. Bikes? C'mon, they close down streets for races all summer, and a lot of cyclists don't know how to use bike lanes.

So, there you go, "beer" should be your winner. If you don't vote for beer and you get a hangover the next time you drink, we won't feel sorry for you.

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