Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ray's growler fill station opens Friday

Growler stations in Bend continue to bubble up.
Ray's Food Place will open its own growler fill station Friday, Feb. 8, in its former liquor store area. It's a nice-looking setup with saloon-style doors that open up to a 15-tap bar.
Fills are $9.99 across the board and $14.99 if you buy a growler.
I just caught a brief glimpse of the taps during my dinner break this evening, but it looks like they're going heavy on local beers. Don't quote me, but I thought I saw Mirror Pond, Black Butte and Boneyard's IPA, for better or worse, among others. (I know, I should have written down everything they're pouring.)
Good beers, but when I fill a growler I usually like to get something that's not readily available in Bend. Just me.
Anyway, sounds like you can get samples but can't sit down and order a pint.

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