Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First batch of homebrew complete!

The first effort to brew beer by me, with help from the rest of the BBB crew, is complete. We just made a recipe for a pale ale from The Brew Shop here in Bend.

First we had to collect enough bottles to put the beer in:

Bottling took place a few weeks ago. And, to be honest, that was a bit of a debacle. We ended up probably spilling like 4 to 5 beers on the floor using the siphon that gets the beer into the bottles. Anyway, live and learn...we'll know better next time. Here's some pics or transferring the beer to bottles, and capping:

So, three weeks later, after bottle conditioning, the beer was carbonated. And, it certainly wasn't the greatest beer I've ever made, but drinking beer you made definitely makes it taste better. The finished product:

Bottom line? Making beer was a blast, and I highly recommend it if you've thought about trying it. It's really not that hard, and it's fun to go through the process.

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