Monday, October 24, 2011

Beer, coffee and soup in one magical vessel?

I thought I may have been in the middle of a food dream after a run when I came across this tweet:
A triple collaboration has occurred! Swing by Soupçon for their Boneyard Backbone Stout Irish Stew. Great beer, coffee and soup combined!
Photo from Backporch's Facebook site:
I can get down with beer and soup in the same bowl. And beer and coffee (Backporch and Boneyard have collaborated in the past to create and espresso stout that rocked). The only part of the triangle that gives me pause is coffee and soup. I am guessing it works all together, too, though. If you tried it, let us know. Or maybe a lunchbeercoffeesoup will be added to my agenda. Right now Soupçon appears to be next to the Blacksmith in downtown; check out the website here.

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