Friday, October 14, 2011

Fresh hop beers, take two

James Williams (writer for The Source and one of the original BBB'ers) wrote an excellent piece on fresh hop beers, what they are, what they taste like, and who makes them around here.

According to the Deschutes Web Site, you'll actually be able to get Fresh Hop Mirror Pond all the way through December. Unless people drink it really fast. Amazingly, there are already a few dozen reviews of FHMP at Beer Advocate; it's currently graded at B+.

And a couple days ago I had Double Mountain's Fresh Hop Killer Red ... I think that was the first red fresh hop variant I had. It was good, although other than the color I would have had a hard time distinguishing as a red beer. Like most fresh hop beers, you get the aroma immediately, and while it's hoppy, it does so without being overly bitter.

Any fresh hop beers that you really like and think we should try? Let us know before Beau and I move on to dark beers for the fall/winter.

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