Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dark beers are dark

Beau and I went to McMenamins (Fireside) tonight after work. And we had some dark beers. I mean, they're really dark. Check it out at right.

Actually, I just couldn't get the flash to work on camera on my phone.  So we put the candle behind the beers so you could see something. Even photoshop couldn't salvage this one.

Anyway, one of these is Baltic Porter, which is on special now. The other is their standard Terminator stout. We both enjoyed the porter, although it was pretty different from any porter I've ever had. The mouth feel was pretty light, and the flavor wasn't overpowing, or the standard coffee/smoky flavor you often get with porters.. But it went down easy!

I learned from McMenamins' Twitter feed that this was the 1,000th batch of beer brewed on site at St. Francis School in Bend, and that the full name is 1000 mile Journey Baltic Porter. Now you know.

This was our first official beer drinking since we started the blog, so I felt obligated to post something. The first of many more to come, we hope. And hopefully with more insight.


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