Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Barrel brewpub, nearly open?

After months of waiting for Bend's latest brewpub, 10 Barrel is getting close to opening its location on Galveston.

At least according to their latest tweet, a few days ago: "The countdown is on at the pub!!" We think that means it's opening soon, anyway. If they had an exact date, we guess they would have tweeted that, so apparently opening day is still a bit of a moving target.

We've heard that February 21st is the date they're shooting for, and looking at the progress they've made on the exterior, it at least seems possible. Here's a shot from yesterday when I walked by:

There's now windows instead of plywood, the patio area (to the left of the picture, on the corner of Galveston and 12th) is getting pretty close to done. I haven't been able to see much of the inside from the sidewalk. 18 days still seems a little ambitious, with how much work it appears still needs to be done, but it's not impossible. I would guess March is a better bet (as I've made a friendly wager that it won't open in February), and I hope they take their time and have everything squared away before they open. After all, let's look at the dates that have already come and gone:
--Their Web site still says it's opening in late October, of last year. (They should probably fix that.)
--Some buzz in the fall had the brewpub opening in December or "early winter."

Obviously neither of those happened, and we're sure it's not easy opening a start-up brewpub. But it does seem like they are actually close this time, barring setbacks.

I live just a couple of blocks away, so having another place to go without schlepping to downtown will be nice.

Galveston is definitely coming into its own, it seems. Brother Jon's opened last year and has been doing brisk business ever since thanks to a solid, inexpensive menu, a lot of good beer on tap and in bottles, and a friendly staff. Mother's already had its niche carved out and does a ton of business serving smoothies and lite fare. Ida's Cupcake Cafe opening last year and gives locals a place to get some coffee in the absence of Di Lusso's (where 10 Barrel is now). And there's already Ariana, which is just about the best place in Bend to get a meal if you are looking to spend a little bit of money. And of course there's Victorian Cafe, Parilla Grill and Taco Salsa on the 14th St. roundabout.

10 Barrel could be a great addition to an already solid and growing district


  1. looks like you lost your friendly wager :-)
    I'm a wife of one of the owners and just came across your blog on twitter - glad you like the place and most of the beers! that means a lot to us.
    Marianne Cox

  2. Yeah, I owe one of your waitresses a beer. Although maybe it's a push. I have to ask her about the terms of the wager.

    I live like a block and a half away. I love Brother Jon's, but I am sure I'll be hitting up 10 Barrel a lot too.