Saturday, February 27, 2010

New at the Bend Beer Blog: What's on tap in Central Oregon bars and pubs

So, this is a work in progress, but we thought it would be a pretty neat resource for Central Oregon beer lovers. We're going to try to keep track of what's on tap at local brewpubs and bars that serve a lot of regional or local beer.

Check it out here, although it's still under construction (it's also the top link of our sidebar). But we've got a pretty good start. For now, we're trying to do the brewpubs, and we've thrown in Brother Jon's and Summit Saloon, which both have a unique and often changing tap list. Abbey Pub is on the to-do list, as is Cascade West. We're not sure how expansive the list is going to get, but that's where we're starting.

If you have a suggestion of a bar to add to the mix, let us know, we'll look into getting the information posted. If you're a bar and you want to be listed, you can let us know that too. Post here or e-mail us at bendbeerblog@gmail.comYou can also get our attention over at Twitter. Become a follower, or just tweet at us!

We're also going to be working on a happy hour/locals night page. I actually e-mailed the OLCC, since I know advertising happy hours in Oregon is a bit dicey. But they said it's ok, as long as we are not affiliated with or receiving compensation from a "licensee" (read: a place that serves alcohol).


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  1. This could be a great resource. I ran the idea by Eric Flowers at The Source but he didn't bite. I'm glad to see that someone's gonna make a stab at it.