Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Dark Message in a Bottle

Hop In The Dark C.D.A., Deschutes Brewery's trendy Black India Pale Ale has passed the tap test. It will soon be served in bottles, too.

It's the first Black I.P.A. I know of to make the expansion into retail refrigerators and yet another style of beer Deschutes seems to have invented — and reinvented. (C.D.A. stands for Cascadian Dark Ale)

And yes, that's correct, "Black" and "I.P.A." in the same title. Hops with roasted. Bitter yet decadent.

It's been on tap at Deschutes Bend and Portland pubs for more than a year. It started as a polarizing beer, either way too weird or intensely invigorating, that was most palatable in a 4 oz. sampler, maybe a half pint. But after continuous and innumerable improvements, this liquid has become a go-to pint for people who appreciate original character. Your mouth won't be bored.


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