Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mondays with the BBB: A Deschutes growler and exploding Hair of the Dog

As we are getting the Bend Beer Blog started, we are planning on having Mondays be a regular "beer excursion" day. It gives us an excuse to drink, to talk about the blog, and gives us something regular to blog about. We actually have Mondays off, usually (pretty choice, right? Actually, it could be worse...it is locals night at Deschutes), so it works for us.

Anyway, this week's installment was sidetracked almost immediately, as one of the kids of a BBBer was sick. So, the Monday excursion turned into a stay-at-home affair. So, being the accommodating person that I am, I took the party to Beau. I bought a growler at Deschutes, filled with Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale, and headed to the east side. Pic below:

The sweet Deschutes pub glass was provided by Beau. The growler may now be my most prized possession. Unfortunately the sweet metal handle is on the other side. I'll take a pic next time I fill it up. Anyway, I had Hop in the Dark before at the pub, and I really enjoy it. There's so many interesting notes, from the smell, to the taste, to the aftertaste. A beer that makes you think. It's certainly not for everyone -- it rates at 93 IBUs (amazingly, this is not the highest rating currently on Deschutes' tap list -- Hop Henge experimental IPA comes in at 95).

After a glass of that, we moved on to a treat Beau had been saving for a special occasion: Portland's Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws barley wine style ale, bottle conditioned (if you want to know more about what that means, you can check out Hair of the Dog's Web site.) A Bend Beer Blog gathering seemed like an appropriate occasion. We were excited to open this beer, until we actually opened it:

Between travel and possible freezing, the beer exploded on us. Leaving us with about half a beer and a lot of head. The rest of the beer is still being cleaned off of the ceiling in Beau's kitchen, I believe. Anyway, what was left of the beer was delicious. But at $4.50 a bottle, I think Beau will be more careful with his beer storage in the future.

Anyway, the first installment of "Mondays with the BBB" was far from an overwhelming success, but at least we got started. We have nowhere to go but up!

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