Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On tap update: Brother Jon's and Deschutes

When I have something interesting to add the Central Oregon tap list resource page (which you can read here, by the way), I'll try to post a quick blog update. I'm not talking about Bud being swapped out for Coors, or if x pub has a new type of Deschutes you can already get elsewhere. But if there's something new that might be hard to find here, or if a brewpub has a new beer on tap, we'll try to report on it.

Here's what I've got for now:

Updated list for Brother Jon's:
Rotating taps:
Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) IPA
Trumer Pils
Terminal Gravity IPA
Double Mountain IRA
Anchor Steam
Walking Man Brewing Barefoot Brown
Deschutes Red Chair NWPA

A lot of it's the same, but I am not sure I have seen Anchor Brewing (San Francisco) Anchor Steam beer around here that often. The really interesting one, which I actually tried last night, was the Walking Man Brewing Barefoot Brown, out of Stevenson, Wash. Check out their Web site here if you want to learn more. That's a new one for me. It was a bit on the heavy side for a brown, almost to the point that it has the mouth-feel of a porter. But it was a very enjoyable beer with some big but now overwhelming flavor that I'll have again, as long as it's on tap. I think they said there's only one keg of it for now.

And an update for Deschutes:

Red Chair N.W.P.A
Bond Street Series
Hophenge Experimental I.P.A
Local's Tap:
Horse Ridge IPA
Pub exclusives:
Bachelor Bitter
Miss Spelt Hefeweizen
Gluten Free Kristal Weizen
Big Mountain Bock
Northwest Brown Ale
Nitro Jubelale
Hop in the Dark CDA
Reserve Tap:
Jubel 2010
X Tap
Plumb Bob
Oregon 150
PDX Tap:
Arctic Blastonator Weizenbock

Lots of cool stuff, including the brand-spanking new Berlinerweiss, which is served in a snifter. The basic berlinerweiss is a cloudy wheat beer, and this one is "mouth-puckering sour and extremely refreshing" according to Deschutes' tweet on the beer. We'll have to find out for ourselves soon!

We'll let you know when we have more updates!


  1. It appears Double Mountain is doing a beer release at Brother Johns on Friday the 5th from I believe 5-9. Its an IPA called 'The Empire Strikes Back'. If I remember correctly it was called a 'laid back' IPA with all English malts and hops-no, I'm not affiliated, just a beer lover. Double Mountain will be giving out swag as well. Very cool to see DM come down and do this at a newer local restaurant-Go Brother Jon's!

  2. This was going to be a blog post tomorrow...stop stealing my material! Just kidding. I can put it up anyway, that way it'll get into the feed. Glad to see another Brother Jon's lover out there.