Monday, January 3, 2011

The BBB's first try at brewing beer

So, I got a starter home brew kit from my brother-in-law, which was an awesome gift that I didn't even know I wanted! Anyway, I wanted to give this a try pretty quickly. So I went and bought a giant pot, and I went to The Brew Shop in Bend to pick up some supplies (web site here). And I had the day off Sunday, so Bean came over and we brewed some beer.

If you've never tried it, it doesn't seem terribly complicated, but you do worry about messing something up along the way and ruining the beer. It was fun to do, I just hope the beer turns out. We went pretty tame to start, just following a recipe kit for Summit Pale Ale. If this one goes well, maybe we'll get a little more adventurous.

The best part of the brewing process had to be the smell...the grains, the malt, the hops, it all smelled great as we  were making the wort (unfermented beer). Anyway, here are some pics below. Check in a couple of weeks when we try to bottle it!

1. Pulling the grain out after steeping
2. Adding malt
3. Stirring and drinking
4. More stirring
5. Pouring the wort into the carboy

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