Thursday, January 13, 2011

I dream of beers on the Eastside

We've got it pretty good here in Bend. Eight breweries and counting and several great tap houses that have rotating handles.
My only complaint?
They're all on the westside
Maybe I'm overlooking a place - please let us know if I am - but I can't think of anywhere on the eastside that routinely has a solid lineup of microbrews. I'd kill for a Brother Jon's, Riverside Market or Jackson's Corner type of place on the east side of Third Street. Any thoughts from the legion of Bend Beer Blog readers?


  1. C'mon Beau, you know you aren't allowed to drink anything other than PBR on the Eastside.

  2. So your RSS feed settings changed. Nothing coming through but the title. Hate to unsubscribe but don't want to click through for every post! I don't even see any ads - what's the point?

  3. Sorry Ed, I must have been mashing buttons when we restarted the blog. I just checked my feed reader, and it comes through as full text again. Sorry for that! If you're still having problems, let me know.

  4. Hey thanks Dustin - both for the quick response and fixing the feed. Cheers!

  5. Reed Pub. good beers, peanuts and foosball

  6. What Jimmy says. Solid selection on tap and in bottles. Food is iffy, just some basic grub.

    But yeah, no one brewing.... Commercially. Sigh.