Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bend...Sausage Blog?

While there is enough beer in Bend to support multiple beer blogs, we're not sure there's enough sausage to justify one.

Regardless, the BBB trio went to lunch at Taylor's Sausage (on Third, near Franklin) for the first time. We weren't disappointed. Excellent sausage at good prices. Beau and James both had the hot mustard on their sausages, and lived to regret it. And the breakfast menu looked awesome, as well, with very good prices.

They had a pretty solid tap selection, as well, and although we love a good lunchbeer (copyright 2011, trademark pending), we didn't partake in any adult beverages. Picture of the taps:

They have a solid local selection...a Deschutes tap, a 10 Barrel, a Silver Moon. The most interesting find, for us, though was two taps from Wild River from Southern Oregon. Website here. We have no idea what their beer is like, but we'll probably go back.

They also have a pretty awesome deal, if we read it right. Sunday-Thursday, from 4-close, they have a special where you buy a micro ($3.50), you get a sausage for $1.50. Beer and sausage? How can you go wrong?

- Just and add on to Dustin's thoughts. Taylor's also had Caldera's IPA on draft. I'm not aware of any other place in town that has the Ashland brewery's beer on tap. Again, we're looking forward to trying out the beers of southern Oregon. - Beau

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  1. Wild River is from Cave Junction, just like Taylor's. I personally like the Double Eagle stout. Nice to see the Worker's (from Medford) too. I've never tried the Caldera. Maybe they can make room for an SOB handle some day.

    More importantly? I was happy to see such a wide variety available. Seems like so many of the taps in town are stuck in an IPA rut.