Saturday, January 22, 2011

New beers coming at 10 Barrel

10 Barrel put out a newsletter that detailed some of the news at the brewery/brewpub, including the new brewers from Deschutes and Bend Brewing Company. You can read that here.

Most interesting part was the list of beers they were working on. Here's the list, with some thoughts (read the newsletter for more info on the beers):

- ISA Prototype beer. An Indian session ale, we guess? Anything that would have come from 10 Barrel labeled as experimental would have scared us previously. Now we're intrigued.
- Imperial red. You had us at "imperial."
- Bourbon-aged Sinister: I think they misspelled their own beer. Isn't it S1nist0r? Regardless, we approve of playing around with it. The nitro is a solid beer, adding bourbon barrels to the process sounds promising.
- Cab Belgian Blonde: Personally, I've never had a beer that tried to play with wine flavors that I liked. Hopefully this one will be different.
- Bourbon-aged English Style IPA: English IPAs are generally tasty; see Empire Strikes Back from Double Mountain. Bourbon aging with a non-dark beer sounds out of the box, to least I have never seen it. There's a first time for everything, though.
- Hop Junkie: Calling anything "Hop" brings instant comparisons to the all the awesome Deschutes offerings. Tough mountain to climb, even for a former Deschutes brewer.
- NW Style Red: More red beers being brewed locally can't be a bad thing.

We'll be excited to check these out in the near future...and we'll let you know how they are!

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