Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wil Wheaton likes Deschutes beer

You know, Wesley Crusher trom Star Trek: The Next Generation? No? One of the kids in Stand By Me? Alright, I am running out of things you might know him from. Although he is apparently more famous as a Twitterer, as he has 1.7 million followers

Anyway, totally random Twitter sighting...if you use Twitter, you probably know that if you go to the home page, it scrolls through recent interesting tweets. So I saw one by Wil that was pretty funny, so I clicked on his Twitter feed. And lo and behold I saw this tweet:

Black Butte XXII. Proof that, if god exists, she wants us to be happy. 

With this pic:

We agree, Wil. Stop by Deschutes' pub in Bend sometime and buy us one.

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  1. Twitter has some interesting and weird posts, you have come across one such tweet, good one.