Friday, January 21, 2011

Best beer selection in town?

The Brew Shop on NE Division St. is certainly in the running for best (and most organized) beer selection in town.

Check it.
A cooler which spans one wall, sectioned out by region. From Belgians (stocking the likes of Duchesse De Bourgogne) to Germans, Eastern Europe (I got a Pils, a great Czech beer for $1.65) and on. The North American wall is broken down into states/regions. Genius.
Don't tell anybody, but the side room might be our new favorite hangout. Couple tables, peanuts, a fireplace and a small tv to watch the game. And with a huge selection of reasonably priced brews a few steps away? Perfect.
And of course they stock all manner of brewing supplies and even have a couple beers on tap.

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