Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Drinking beer on a bike in Bend

The number of ways you can drink beer in Bend is multiplying.

Yesterday, we reported on a horse-drawn carriage that does the Bend Ale Trail. Soon, you will be able to drink on a bike.

Story here from The Bulletin about the planned "Cycle Pub," which is based on the Holland Bier Bike, according to the article. Link to Cycle Pub's website here, they are on facebook here.

Picture of said "bierbike" from across the pond:

While I am not sure any of the BBBers will do the horse-drawn carriage, I am fairly certain we will try this at some point. You pedal the contraption, someone else drives, you drink beer. Sounds like a blast to us. And given the area's love of 1. beer and 2. cycling, this sounds like it can't miss, to be honest.

They are planning on launching at WinterFest on Feb. 18. We'll keep you posted.

Now, if only a monkey could be the driver of the bike...

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  1. The Bend Cycle Pub was designed and built by Atek Customs of Bend, Oregon. Please visit or for more information, pricing and photos.